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Private Wealth Plans

Grow your wealth, protect your assets, preserve your lifestyle, all while minimizing future income taxes.

An Underutilized Strategy


A Private Wealth Plan is a uniquely structured financial contract that creates savings returns without market loss, while also providing access to earnings on a tax-free basis. These plans are built with cash equivalent assets and have been available as part of the tax code for over 100 years. Kingstowne Advisors educates our clients on how to employ this underutilized strategy in achieving their asset protection and wealth creation goals. With the proper plan design, clients can grow their wealth without market risk, protect their estate assets, manage the cost of declining health, and access tax-free retirement income. 

Wealth Building


Create a platform for future wealth without facing exposure to typical market risk and principal losses.

Lifetime Liquidity


Access to cash at your discretion without paying tax or early withdrawal penalties.

Retirement Stability


Instantly grow or further protect your estate while providing income for your retirement years.

Asset Protection


Provide security against passing away unexpectedly; chronic, critical, or terminal injury/illness.

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