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Executive Compensation

Secure third-party capital to fund customized comp plans that provide 100% more income and improve your balance sheet. 

Attract & Retain Talent


Key executives realize that their biggest asset is their ability to earn. However, if they feel that your benefit plans do not fully protect their earning potential, they may begin to look elsewhere. So why not offer benefits that actually achieve your attraction and retention objectives?


Kingstowne Advisors assists in delivering superior incentives for the same cash flow, with naturally integrated vesting, that employees truly value as meaningful to them.

Improve Your Balance Sheet


Kingstowne Advisors can help in implementing a tax-advantaged plan where all contributions to the plan are an asset to your company, where no FICA costs are incurred, and where no ERISA reporting is required. In addition, plans can be selectively offered to employees with simpler administration.


Why not institute a plan that doesn't incur cost to your firm, improves earnings and profitability, and grows your balance sheet?

Manage Risk & Liability

Contingent liabilities such as the loss of a key executive, can severely hamper your company's ability to perform in the market place. Key person plans, buy-sell agreements, and succession plans are intended to mitigate these risks. However, most companies struggle to find surplus capital to fund contingent liabilities without raiding their operating cash.

We can assist in securing capital to protect against these as well as a broader range of business risks.

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