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Employee Retention

Solve your hiring & staffing challenges while meeting your employees' needs.

The Impact of Attrition


Your number one concern in your business is making money. But as you grow, you'll realize that your number two concern is attracting and retaining the talent you need to deliver to your clients. Most business owners are unaware of the true cost of employee attrition. It turns out that 40%-80% of revenue is spent providing salary and benefits. The lower your profit margin, the higher the amount of revenue needed to attract and retain your staff.  

Solve Staffing Challenges


We specialize in providing retirement plan solutions that solve your staffing challenges by providing what your employees actually want: stable, secure retirement savings. Most employer-sponsored plans expose employees' savings to market loss and higher income taxes. We eliminate both of these retirement savings risks for your employees. In addition, we reduce your retirement plan administration costs and eliminate your retirement plan compliance risks. 

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